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Your practice should THRIVE not just survive.

ThriveMedix has been helping practices flourish in todays medical marketing environment. This is because we understand your industry better than anyone. Our team consists of doctors, practitioners and marketing experts who’ve worked with some of the most notable agencies on the planet but we do so much more than just marketing.

Practice Growth Done For You

Whether you’re hoping to achieve new patient traffic and local dominance in your market or whether you’re interested in introducing new modalities and services to your practice that free up your hands and your time, ThriveMedix has something for everyone. Welcome to practice growth made easy and done for you.

We've been putting practices on the map since 2013

For over a decade, we’ve been leading the way in powering up practices across Google search engine results pages and also driving new patient traffic to clinics through a combination of stellar marketing and unique hands off modalities that streamline patient care.

We’ve developed a proven system to help practices focus on the pieces that move the needle with a complete done for you approach to practice growth. Our system is specifically designed to catapult your practice with everything you need, without all the fluff.

Power up your local practice across Google when potential patients are actively searching and ready to make a buying decision.

We Turn Practices Into Leaders

Our San Antonio practice has more than doubled in less than 4 months of introducing HBOT and revamping our entire online branding and visibility. Thrilled!!!!

Dr. Carolyn Flanary


Working with ThriveMedix has transformed our hyperbaric center and allowed us to drive an entirely new patient base to our practice.

Dr. Elliot

Pennsylvania Hyperbarics & Functional Medicine

Highly recommend this to every healthcare practice!! We’ve seen two of our main offices dominate our local markets in less than three months and are now in scaling mode thanks to all of the work and business coaching we’ve received.

Tim Shaw

TS Manual Therapy

Highly recommend ThriveMedix for any medical practice looking to scale! Superior product and customer service above the rest.

Dr. Ralph

Chicago Functional Neurology Group

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Everything Your Practice Needs To Scale, Done For You.

Let's Transform Your Practice

ThriveMedix has helped practitioners across the globe scale and transform their practice while driving new patients with a complete done for you hands off approach to marketing and patient care. See why thousands of clinics across the US and abroad choose ThriveMedix as their last healthcare marketing agency.

What makes us so unique?

We’re not just a medical marketing leader. We’re also a network of doctors and experts in the medical and marketing industry who have partnered with thousands of clinics just like you across the globe to drive massive growth to our entire network of practices and practitioners.

Our hybrid approach to practice growth will transform your practice! From world-class marketing to our unique hands-off approach to patient care, our marketing experts and healthcare experts work with your practice to drive patient traffic and introduce new hands off modalities that drive new patients and more revenue.

The best part is we handle everything from marketing, new modality certification and full business implementation for your practice. It’s all done for you.

You are in good company!

See what our doctors are saying about HBOT.

Dr. Jason Sonners


Dr. Giuseppina Benincasa Feingold

Valley Health & Hyperbarics

Dr. Ralph DeStephano

Chicago HBOT

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